Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Too Busy to Cook?

Life can get busy. Work, kids, husband, mother in hospital, Dad in Florida, In-Laws in Hawaii, homework, housework, gardening... There is so much to do. Dinner can get lost. It's so easy to go to a drive-thru, restaurant, or open a can. No one in my house really cooks except me. My daughters know how to cook a little. They know how to make turkey burgers, mac and cheese, pasta, pan fried fish. In other words, they know how to make the easy stuff. But a full dinner, they have not mastered yet. I am working on giving them lessons.

My mother just had her knee replacement surgery on Monday. I was gone for the entire day to be with her in the hospital. Knowing that my family would go to the drive-thru or a pizza place, I had a plan. I used my trusty crock-pot. I needed something that would be done when they got home and did not need anything else except maybe opening up a can of cranberry sauce or vegetables. A pork roast seemed like it would be the answer. A simple meal that everyone would enjoy. The meal was assembled in about 5 minutes before I left in the morning. Peel a few potatoes, slice up an onion, season up the pork roast and turn it on. Done! All they had to do was warm up some green beans and open a can of cranberry sauce. They were happy. I was happy.

Had I been at home, I would have roasted the vegetables and pork in my Covered Baker. It would have been better but the crock pot is the next best thing.

I had some leftover pork. How to use it up? I put it in a slow simmered tomato sauce. With whole grain pasta and a salad, it's a great meal and I used up the leftovers.

What's for Dinner, Ma? It's not takeout and it's not drive-thru. It's a real meal and it's good!

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  1. I love the crock-pot it does comes in so handy for busy days-