Monday, January 11, 2010

For the Love of Ham

I find certain items go on sale at regular intervals. For example, all baking supplies tend to go on sale before each major holiday. So, if I want to stock up on flour and sugar, I should purchase them at the rock bottom prices during the Thanksgiving/Christmas and Easter seasons. This year I purchased flour at $1.49 for a 5 pound bag and sugar at $1.25 for a 5 pound bag. When I bought my sugar at Target for $1.25 per bag, the guy behind me said, "What, are they giving it away?". I replied, "Practically!".

This week I went to my local PriceRite and noticed ham at $.49/lb and $.59/lb. I bought two. There was another women looking at the ham and said there must be a mistake with the pricing because the regular hams were so inexpensive and the spiral hams were regular price. I told her there was no mistake. Spiral hams definitely are more expensive because they are totally precooked and are already cut. But, I think spiral hams tend to be dry. I hardly ever buy a spiral ham because I want my ham really moist. The women ended up buying a regular ham.

What will I do with the hams? One went into the freezer for my daughter's birthday party in February. The other was cooked last night. When I make ham for my family, I just bake it at 300 degrees in my Stoneware Covered Baker. Cooking the ham this way, makes it "fall off the bone moist and tender"! We had this with sauteed cabbage (yum!) and corn. The corn was for my kids who only like cabbage in coleslaw.

What will I do with the leftovers? I put them in three containers. One will be use for sandwiches this week and to eat during the week. The other two will go into the freezer for meals when I do not have time to make anything or in a casserole, quiche, calzone, frittata, etc. There are so many ways to use leftover ham.

The bone is going into the freezer for a soup. There is nothing like a Ham and Bean Soup. I sometimes make split pea (double yum!), white bean, lentil, etc. So many options...all really good. Never throw away a ham bone! In fact, one of our local restaurants sells their ham bones for $1.00 each. I have bought one in the past and made some great soups for my mother and my family. My mother loves soup, too!

So when you see a ham at a rock bottom price, go buy it and make some great meals!

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