Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pork Stew-Simple Delicious!

Sometimes when I just make a meal "off the top of my head", it comes out the best. Monday was my birthday. I had taken out boneless pork ribs for dinner but my husband decided to take us out to dinner. We don't go out too much anymore, so that was a big treat. The meal was great!

I put the pork ribs in the refrigerator for last night. It was cold last night, so instead of pork ribs, I cubed them up for a stew.

Here's what I did:

Cut up about 1.5 lbs of pork into cubes and saute in a little oil
Add 1 chopped onion, 2 ribs of chopped celery, 2 chopped carrots (I did not have carrots but if I did, I would have added them) and 3 cloves of minced garlic.
Saute for a few minutes.
Add a splash of wine (1 cup), water and a few bay leaves
Cover and simmer for a few hours.
About 30 minutes before it is done, add 1 cup of cubed butternut squash (I used some frozen leftovers) and 3 medium cubed potatoes.
Simmer until the potatoes are tender.

I also served this with some dumplings that took about 20 minutes to cook in the stew. I just use the dumpling recipe from the Betty Crocker Cookbook.

This was delicious! It tastes even better for leftovers the next day for lunch. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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